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America Is Destroying the World, and Only We Can Stop It : Putin

By Joshua Keating Both Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin frequently claim to reject outdated Cold War thinking, but it’s hard to avoid the comparison when both leaders devoted their addresses to the U.N. General Assembly on Monday morning to rejecting … read more

Jimmy Carter provided Russia with maps for increased accuracy in ISIS strikes

  Smoke rising after air strikes carried out by the Russian air force on an Islamic State base in Idlib province, Syria Photo: REUTERS/Ministry of Defence of Russia The Washington Free Beacon reports: Former President Jimmy Carter said recently that … read more

Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevi warns Iran rapidly closing in on Israel’s technological advantage.

ISRAELI GENERAL DECLARES: “We’re already at war with Iran”

ISRAELI GENERAL DECLARES: “We’re already at war with Iran” Israel’s Military Intelligence chief warned last week that Israel and Iran are both battling for technological edge – and the Islamic Republic is quickly narrowing the gap between the two countries. Maj. … read more

Israel fighter jets penetrated Syrian airspace and attacked Hezbollah targets

First Since Russian Intervention, Israeli Warplanes Strike Hezbollah & Syrian Targets Defense officials declined to comment on the report. Israeli fighter jets penetrated Syrian airspace and attacked numerous Hezbollah targets in the South of Syria, according to Syrian media Saturday. … read more

‘Progress made’ in Vienna talks about syria

World leaders say progress has been made in talks to resolve Syria’s civil war after “historic” talks in Vienna, but they continue to differ on the fate of President Bashar al-Assad. The Vienna talks involved Iran, Syria’s ally, for the … read more

American Ground Troops illegal invasion in Syria

American Ground Troops in Syria: ‘World Won’t Stand Another US Invasion’ US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced on Tuesday that Washington is ready to conduct ground operations against ISIL in the Middle East.  The announcement was made in an address to the … read more

German Vice Chancellor to Putin: Berlin, Brussels Can Also Be Moscow’s Partners on Syria

Germany and Russia should leave behind old differences and find ways to cooperate, German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said Wednesday at a meeting with the Russian leader. © Sputnik/ Michael Klimentyev Putin to Meet German Vice Chancellor Wednesday – Kremlin NOVO-OGARYOVO … read more

Persian Gulf may become too hot for humans to survive.

A new study warns that booming places along the Persian Gulf, such Doha, Qatar, could be lethal to humans by 2100 because of excessive heat. We frequently hear of the future dangers that human-caused climate change could bring, but few … read more

USA is warning Iraq’s leaders

U.S. Tells Iraq: If You Ally With Russia Against ISIS, “You’re Our Enemy”Obama makes clear that America’s war against Russia is more important than America’s war against ISIS. By Eric Zuesse ,Global Research On October 14th, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said … read more