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Ohio man is being detained,accused of plotting to kill U.S. House Speaker

An Ohio man is being detained at a federal medical facility in Massachusetts after being accused of plotting to kill U.S. House Speaker John Boehner. Michael Robert Hoyt, 44, of Deer Park, a Cincinnati suburb, allegedly “threatened to murder John … read more

White House systems were breached, State Department email system hacked

The State Department’s unclassified email systems were the victim of a cyberattack in recent weeks, around the same time as the White House systems were breached, according to media reports. The State Department’s network was infiltrated last month, but the … read more

White house confirms Islamic State video showing American Peter Kassig’s death

The Islamic State militant group released a video Sunday that shows American aid worker Peter Kassig was beheaded, along with a dozen Syrian soldiers, in the latest killings the group has posted on the Internet. The White House later said … read more

Republican Senator Rand Paul could be the next US president .

Could Rand Paul win over modern America? By Justin Webb BBC News A week on from the US midterm elections, the whole shebang is still best described in one acerbic tweet. Ben Casselman, of the website fivethirtyeight.com, wrote: “So the … read more