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Russia presents proof of Turkey’s role in ISIS oil trade

The Russian Defense Ministry has released evidence which it says unmasks vast illegal oil trade by Islamic State and points to Turkey as the main destination for the smuggled petrol, implicating its leadership in aiding the terrorists. READ MORE: Map, … read more

Turkey SHOT DOWN down Russian plane to DEFEND ISIS oil supplies : Putin

Putin says Russia has proof ISIS oil routed through Turkey…and Obama has/ is supporting these killers. Obama is on the wrong side every time.  Every time. Obama has a perfect record of siding with evil every time. Russia has ‘more … read more

Thousands Of Russian Troops Head To Turkish Border

A stunning new Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin states that President Putin, this morning, issued an order to the 58th Army Headquarters of the North-Caucasian Military District to immediately deploy “selected” regiments and brigades of Federation … read more

Alliance Has ‘No Reason to Back Up Turkey’ – No From NATO?

The mere hope that NATO membership could give Turkey carte blanche to do anything it wants is profoundly wrong; even though the alliance has publicly supported Erdogan’s version of how the downing of the Russian bomber happened, its rhetoric in … read more

Turkey Part of the Problem Rather Than a Force Fighting ISIS

Even though Turkey’s NATO allies have, by and large, stood by Ankara in the wake of its downing of a Russian Su-24 bomber, experts believe the country has “overplayed its hand”, and while it claims to be part of the … read more

Russian airstrikes hit Turkish convoy delivering weapons to ISIS in Syria

Turkish news editor prosecuted for blowing whistle on Turkey’s alliance with ISIS The incident involving the shooting down of a Russian warplane by the Turkish military may have had to do with Turkey’s cooperation with the radical Islamic fighters in … read more

Worried About A Russo-Turkish Conflict – Dozens Of U.S. Tactical Nukes Are Sitting In Turkey

If everything goes to plan, Turkey will receive the United States’ newest nuclear weapon in 2019. Turkey currently hosts between 60 and 70 B61 gravity bombs at Incirlik air force base. During the Cold War, Turkish aircraft were on full … read more

Turkey: PM Davutoglu says Turkey to hand over pilot’s body to Russia

Ruptly TV Ruptly TV

The body of the pilot of the Russian Su-24 bomber that was shot down by Turkey on Tuesday will be repatriated to Russia, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said at a press conference in Ankara on Sunday. Ruptly TV   read more

Russia bombs every Turkish target in Syria

Russia bombs every Turkish target in Syria

Turkey suspends flights over Syria, Russia launches electronic warfare against Ankara DEBKAfile Special Report The bitter verbal and military clash between Moscow and Ankara spiraled further Friday, Nov. 27. Russian Lt.-Gen.Evgeny Buzhinsky announced that following the downing of the Russian … read more