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South Africa : Petition for Zuma to step down grows

“We need change. Hopefully, a petition can showcase how many people want change.”

On Wednesday, President Jacob Zuma removed Nhlanhla Nene as Finance Minister and appointed David van Rooyen as his successor, drawing criticism from the public and opposition parties.

EFF said Zuma’s decision to remove Nene shows a “serious crisis” in leadership.

Helen Zille tweeted: “President Zuma doesn’t understand the depth of the crises he has unleashed by firing Nhlanhla Nene. New Minister was unable to run a municipality.”

Now on Twitter, #ZumaMustFall is trending and ranked number one in South Africa. Radio host and public speaker Brent Lindeque started a petition for Zuma to step down on Change.org.

With 15 000 signees needed to endorse it, currently there have been 12 000 people who have signed the petition in the past 4 hours after it was published.

The letter reads: “It’s simple … lead or step down.”

“And unfortunately Jacob Zuma cannot lead. His continuous actions and decisions are ruining South Africa. Our unemployment has never been higher. Crime and corruption have become a standard. Government is pillaging our taxes and our economy is at a tipping point.”

“We need change. Hopefully, a petition can showcase how many people want change and hopefully together we can create that change. The only reason politicians have power is because the people give it to them …”

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