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SOMALIA: Gov’t boycotts conference on repatriation of Somali refugees in Kenya

Mogadishu (Radio RBC) Somali Government has officially boycotted attending a meeting in Nairobi, the capital of Kenya which was expected to address the repatriation of Somali refugees in Kenya, RBC Radio reports.

The conference scheduled to open today on Tuesday was supposed to participate by United Nations High Commission for Refugees [UNCHR] and officials from the governments of Somalia and Kenya.

According to a statement released by the Foreign Ministry of the Federal Government of Somalia, Mogadishu boycotted to participate the conference due to Kenya”s brutal crackdown on Somali refugees in Kenya.

“As we are concerned about the plight of Somali refugees and the unlawful activities committed by the Kenyan security forces against the refugees of Somalia in Kenya, we can not attend such meeting,” the letter from the foreign ministry said.


The ministry reiterated that illegal detention and arbitrary arrests against Somalis in Kenya was total punishment against the ethnic of Somalis and clear violation to the international conventions of the human rights.

According to sources in Kenya the conference was suspended after Mogadishu boycotted to attend it.

There has been a tripartite agreement between Somalia, Kenya and the UNHCR which was three parties agreed to stat to pave the way for a voluntary return of Somali refugees in Kenya.

Kenya has launched a massive security crackdown on Somali refugees in Kenya following terrorist attacks in several towns including Nairobi, but the crackdown has met international condemnation from the international community and the human rights organizations.


RBC Radio