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Turkey’s president warns Russia not to ‘play with fire’

Ruptly TV Ruptly TV

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has warned Russia not to “play with fire” after reports emerged that Turkish businessmen had been detained in Russia. Moscow said it would suspend visa-free travel with Turkey, and its tourism agency head announced on Friday … read more

Russian Putin has met Iranian Ali Khamenei in Tehran

Russian President Vladimir Putin has met Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran, who called for closer ties between the two countries. During their meeting on Monday, Khamenei said that US policies in the Middle East are a threat … read more

Russia Plans to Rebuild Syria

The German press reports on Russia’s long-term plans to help rebuild Syria after the end of the war there, including renewed contracts for investment projects and a roadmap for a political resolution. © AP Photo/ Jake Simkin Syria Shows How … read more

Sinai plane crash was the result of a terrorist attack : Russia

The mid-air explosion of a Russian jetliner over the Sinai desert last month that killed all 224 people on board was the result of a terrorist attack, Russia’s chief intelligence officer said Tuesday. At a meeting with President Vladimir V. … read more

America Is Destroying the World, and Only We Can Stop It : Putin

By Joshua Keating Both Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin frequently claim to reject outdated Cold War thinking, but it’s hard to avoid the comparison when both leaders devoted their addresses to the U.N. General Assembly on Monday morning to rejecting … read more

Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevi warns Iran rapidly closing in on Israel’s technological advantage.

ISRAELI GENERAL DECLARES: “We’re already at war with Iran”

ISRAELI GENERAL DECLARES: “We’re already at war with Iran” Israel’s Military Intelligence chief warned last week that Israel and Iran are both battling for technological edge – and the Islamic Republic is quickly narrowing the gap between the two countries. Maj. … read more

USA drawing a line against Putin in Europe

NATO allies are working hard to deter Russian aggression against the Baltics. By Michael Crowley WIESBADEN, Germany — Often criticized for being naïve and complacent about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ambitions, the Obama administration and its European allies are intensifying … read more

Latest Updates: A Russian passenger plane carrying 224 people has crashed in Egypt.

A Russian passenger plane carrying 224 people has crashed in Egypt’s Sinai peninsula. Here are the latest updates: President Putin Declares November 1 National Day of Mourning Over 7K9268 Tragedy Earlier on Saturday Egyptian air traffic control said they lost contact … read more

Obama send special forces to Syria to fight ISIS

The US is sending special forces to Syria to assist anti-government rebels in fighting the so-called Islamic State (IS), officials have said. There will be “fewer than 50” forces deployed in the region to “train, advise and assist” vetted opposition … read more

German Vice Chancellor to Putin: Berlin, Brussels Can Also Be Moscow’s Partners on Syria

Germany and Russia should leave behind old differences and find ways to cooperate, German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said Wednesday at a meeting with the Russian leader. © Sputnik/ Michael Klimentyev Putin to Meet German Vice Chancellor Wednesday – Kremlin NOVO-OGARYOVO … read more