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Putin: Ceasefire needed for Ukraine talks

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Friday an immediate ceasefire in eastern Ukraine is necessary to create conditions for talks. Speaking to reporters in Normandy in remarks televised live on Russian television, Putin said he expects Ukrainian president-elect Petro Poroshenko to … read more

Obama and Putin had a 10-15 minute “informal conversation”

Obama and Putin had a 10-15 minute “informal conversation” at luncheon in France. President Barack Obama and Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke Friday on the sidelines of a lunch for world leaders attending D-Day commemoration ceremonies, marking their first face-to-face … read more

Tension persists in eastern Ukraine

Obama leaves for Poland to reassure worried Eastern European allies against backdrop of ongoing regional unrest.   Al jazeera Last updated: 03 Jun 2014 07:20 Pro-Russian separatists have mounted bold attacks on government checkpoints in eastern Ukraine [AFP] Tension remains … read more

Russia has pulled back its troops from the border with Ukraine

By Daryna Krasnolutska, Volodymyr Verbyany and Gopal Ratnam Photographer: Vikto Drachev/AFP via Getty Images Pro-Russian fighters of Vostok (East) battalion guard a checkpoint on the road between… Read More Related Ukraine, Russia Gas Deal Seen on Germany Pressure Russia has … read more

Ukraine:14 people killed after military helicopter shot down

14 people including general killed after military helicopter shot down, Donetsk, Ukraine (CNN) — Pro-Russia separatist militants are holding four European observers who have been missing since Monday, the self-declared mayor of a Ukrainian rebel stronghold told CNN. But he … read more