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New video shows what terrorists were doing just HOURS before Paris attacks

For most of us, what seven men perpetrated on Paris last Friday night is unfathomable. Try as we might, we can’t begin to get inside the  heads of these terrorists to understand what could possibly make them capable of such horrific acts. We can only look at clues left in their wake to try to gain some semblance of comprehension.

To that end, new video footage has emerged from the hotel rooms used as base camp for these terrorists in the days leading up to the bloody attacks. Among the notable findings is a pile of used syringes investigators are looking at for possible drug use to fuel the terrorists’ killing spree — or perhaps fuel their explosive belts.

As The Daily Mail reports:

Extraordinary video has emerged from inside the filthy hotel rooms where the ISIS death squads made the final preparations for their bombing and gun rampage through Paris.

The footage shows a pile of used syringes, a set of short needles and plastic tubing scattered on a coffee table in a room littered with rubbish.