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Munich shopping Mall shooting: ‘Three gunmen on the run’ say police as multiple deaths reported across the city

Munich shopping Mall shooting: ‘Three gunmen on the run’ say police as multiple deaths reported across the city

  • Gunman in Munich opens fire at a McDonalds by the Olympia shopping centre
  • Unconfirmed reports that there could be shootings in city centre
  • Unconfirmed reports that there were three locations
  • Interior ministry says at least three killed
  • Gunmen still on the loose
  • Islamic State supporters celebrate on social media

Munich police are hunting for three gunmen who they believe have carried out attacks at three locations in the city.

On Twitter, the local forces said shootings had taken place at Hanauer Straße, then the Riesstraße, and also at the Olympia shopping center.

Yet the local state broadcaster said there was only one location – the shopping centre.

Lynn Stein, who works inside the Olympia centre, told CNN a woman told her “masked gunmen dressed in black” had been seen running through the centre.

The interior ministry confirming at least three killed.

Germany’s Muencher Abendzeitung reported that the death toll was higher, with up to 15 people killed in the incident at the Olympia Einkaufszentrum shopping centre.

Police told another paper, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, that there were multiple deaths.

“There is a major police operation under way in the shopping centre,” Munich police said on Twitter, without elaborating.

An employee inside the shopping centre told the Reuters news agency “many shots were fired”.

Video shows people fleeing from the scene, which has now been cordoned off, according to reports.

People run from scene of shooting in Munich Play! 00:32

Footage shows multiple emergency services at the scene.

Footage appears to show shooter open fire on people outside shopping mall in Munich Play! 00:25

Germany has been on high alert after a teenage asylum seeker attacked people with an axe on a train on Monday, injuring five.

Auto update

Munich police giving press conference now

– Attack is terrorism

– At least five dead; unclear if children involved

– We believe three perpetrators, we think still at large

– They used a long weapon, longer than a pistol, something like a rifle

– We assume the gunmen are still in Munich

Police swarm over the city

Police in Munich Credit: AP


Obama speaking now

We don’t yet know what is happening there.

Obviously our heart goes out to those caught up with it.

It’s a good reminder of something I’ve said over the last few weeks.

Our way of life, our freedoms, our ability to go about our daily lives, to raise our kids, to see them grow up and leave – I’m sorry, I’m getting too personal.

That all depends on law enforcement.

Obviously we have gone through a really tough time in the last few weeks, on a whole lot of fronts.

In recent weeks I’ve had the job of speaking to the widows of those police killed in Baton Rouge.

He is still speaking now, but has moved on to domestic issues.

Obama has been briefed on Munich

President Obama is at the White House, hosting his Mexican counterpart Enrique Pena Nieto.

He has described Germany as “a great ally” and says he is monitoring the situation.

Islamic State supporters celebrate on social media

(Reuters) – Supporters of the Islamic State jihadi group celebrated on social media a shooting rampage in a shopping mall in the southern German city of Munich on Friday that killed and wounded many people.

“Thank God, may God bring prosperity to our Islamic State men,” read one tweet in Arabic on an account that regularly favours the radical Islamist movement.

“The Islamic State is expanding in Europe,” read an Arabic-language tweet on another account also known to support the group.

The attack was the third major act of violence against civilian targets in Western Europe in eight days. Previous attacks in France and Germany were claimed by Islamic State and Munich police said they suspected the latest assault was a terrorist attack.

Police request – in three languages – that people avoid centre

Munich police are now tweeting in German, English and French.


Munich’s main train station evacuated

The city of Munich is in chaos.

  • Main train station evacuated
  • Helicopters overhead
  • Subway and bus stations shut
  • Olympia shopping centre attacked
  • Some reports suggest city centre attack, too

Image of the gunman at McDonalds

Munich McDonalds has been attacked
This image appears to show the gunman, on the right of the screen, just before he opens fire Credit: Twitter


One site or multiple?

In news that contradicts the Munich police:


Calls for doctors and nurses to report to hospital

Our Germany correspondent, Justin Huggler, has the following:

General call put out for any doctors and nurses available to report to the hospital where injured have been taken.

Bavarian state government holding crisis meeting

“Masked gunmen in black”

Lynn Stein, who worked in a shop inside the centre, tells CNN that a woman told her she’d seen masked gunmen, in black, running through the shopping centre.

Unconfirmed footage appears to show shooter open fire in Munich

Footage appears to show shooter open fire on people outside shopping mall in Munich Play! 00:25


Lynn Stein was inside the shopping centre at the time

Lynn Stein, who works in a shop inside the centre, told CNN:

I was in a neighbouring store when shots were fired.

People started running. More shots were fired.

People were screaming.

Then I heard several shots at the parking house next to the mall. I went back inside the wall, to check on my co-workers.

When I went there there was a couple of people coming in towards me, and I told them to leave as I continued towards my store.

A man told me he saw a gunman.

I ran outside, and police told me to leave. Which I did.

This was about 15 minutes after it happened, and I was evacuated.

British witness Victor Wood, who lives in Munich, speaks to BBC

I was leaving the shopping centre from the side entrance and as we were about to go into the U-bahn, we heard shooting.

We couldn’t see where it was coming from – there was a building in between us.

When I got out of the U-bahn a couple of minutes later we saw all the police cars and realised what had happened.

The shopping centre is like a L-shape. It was quite busy – there were a lot of people in there.

We didn’t hear screaming but we were leaving from the side exit so it was hard to see what was going on. But local media reports someone coming out of the McDonalds and shooting a hand gun.

It took about four or five minutes for police to arrive I would say. We managed to get on one of the last trains before they closed the transport system.

Before I came out to Germany, I had been in the air force, so I am used to the sound of gunshots, and it was definitely shooting – you don’t hear that kind of sound in the city.

No one expects something like this to happen in their front garden.

I think Munich is well equipped to handle it though. Police presence is fairly low key, police officers have weapons but you don’t see people walking around with machine guns, for example.”

Three gunmen being hunted

Munich police are searching for three gunmen, they said on Twitter.

Second location under attack?

Munich police believe that a second site, in the centre of town, may have been attacked.

All very unclear at the moment.

Munich residents open their homes to terrified locals

More from Zia Weise:

Munich residents are using the hashtag #offenetür (“open door”) to offer shelter. 

There are reports (unconfirmed) on Twitter that taxi drivers are getting messages from police to avoid the city centre and not to pick up any passengers. 

German police trying to get the situation under control

Munich is on lockdown
German police rush to the scene Credit: EPA


Situation chaotic in Munich

Our correspondent Zia Weise, who was born in Munich, has translated the German police twitter feed for us.

It gives a sense of how confused the situation remains.

We do not know where the shooter is. Take care and avoid going outside.” – 10 mins ago

We are aware of shooting rumours in city centre. Situation is unclear. Please stay inside.” – 17 mins ago (But reporters there say nothing’s happening)

Please do not put images or videos of police operations online. Do not support the perpetrators!” – 20 mins ago

Avoid public places in Munich. The situation is unclear.” – 40 mins ago

Munich police do not know where the gunmen are

Police have just said that they do not know where the perpetrators – plural – are.

Police request that no photos or videos be posted online

Police in the city of Munich are asking for locals not to post photos or video online.


Interior ministry confirms three dead

Bild, the German tabloid, quotes the German interior ministry as saying three people have been killed.

Images from the scene

A gunman has been seen inside a German shopping centre
Police outside the shopping centre in Munich Credit: Twitter
German shopping centre has been attacked
Police in Munich Credit: AP


Munich residents told to stay indoors

Our correspondent, Zia Weise, reports:

Süddeutsche Zeitung is reporting an unspecified number of deaths. Police has confirmed injuries, but no deaths. 

Police have told people to remain inside as the situation is still not resolved. Rumours of a second attacker in the city centre are untrue, reporters in Munich say. 

The shopping centre (Olympia Einkaufszentrum) is a complex built in the 70s, close to the Olympic sports complex in Western Munich.

“A shooting rampage”

From Reuters:


‘More than one gunman involved’

Police in Munich apparently believe that more than one gunman is involved in the shopping center attack.


Transport services halted

Transport authorities have halted services on multiple train, tram and bus lines.

Pictures emerge of the scene

Pictures have emerged of the massive police operation outside the shopping centre.

Munich attack
Credit: AP
The scene outside the shopping centre in Munich
Police outside the shopping centre in Munich Credit: Twitter


Witness: “many shots”

Employees are still hiding out in the shopping centre, with one telling Reuters by phone that “many shots were fired” during the shooting.

“Multiple deaths”: police

Police told the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper that there were multiple deaths in the shooting at the Olympia Einkaufszentrum shopping centre.

Shooting over: police spokesperson

Police spokeswoman Claudia Kvenzel has told CNN that the shooting is now over.

Reports of deaths

There have been reports of at least one death, though details are hazy.

A police source has told the AFP news agency that one person has died and ten people have been injured in the attack, while local media is saying as many as 15 people may have died.