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German Vice Chancellor to Putin: Berlin, Brussels Can Also Be Moscow’s Partners on Syria

Germany and Russia should leave behind old differences and find ways to cooperate, German Vice-Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said Wednesday at a meeting with the Russian leader.

NOVO-OGARYOVO (Sputnik) — In his turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin said at the meeting that Russia and Germany continue intensive cooperation, though on a limited number of international issues.”As for our cooperation on the international arena, it continues quite intensively, though on quite narrow issues, but, nevertheless, work is underway,” Putin said.

“My personal opinion is that we must do everything to reach agreements, leave behind some old situations, and search for new ways to resume cooperation, especially between Germany and Russia,” Gabriel said.

The German high-ranking official emphasized that Berlin and Brussels can also be Moscow’s partners along with Washington on the Syrian crisis settlement.

“Of course, I understand that the United States is your major partner in discussions on Syrian and Ukrainian issuesm but I believe that Germany and the European Union will also be important partners on the other hand… The Ukrainian conflict is a symptom, not the reason of problems that have emerged,” Gabriel said.

In early October, Putin said it was important to prevent mutual alienation between Germany and Russia and to save the potential for bilateral cooperation.

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