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Russia Plans to Rebuild Syria

The German press reports on Russia’s long-term plans to help rebuild Syria after the end of the war there, including renewed contracts for investment projects and a roadmap for a political resolution. © AP Photo/ Jake Simkin Syria Shows How … read more

More than 1,300 people killed in Russian air strikes in Syria

More than 1,300 people, around two-thirds of them combatants, have been killed in Russian air strikes in Syria since Moscow’s aerial campaign began on September 30, a monitor said Friday. The figure supplied by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights … read more

Links between Turkey and ISIS are now ‘undeniable’ – Global Research

A US-led raid on the compound housing the Islamic State’s ‘chief financial officer’ produced evidence that Turkish officials directly dealt with ranking ISIS members, Martin Chulov ofthe Guardian reported recently. By Natasha Bertrand Islamic State official Abu Sayyaf was responsible … read more

Before A Year ; Netanyahu warned of ‘grave mistake’ if France recognizes Palestine

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Sunday(Nov 14. 2014) that France’s parliament would be making a “grave mistake” if it recognises a Palestinian state in a vote on December 2 2014. “Do they have nothing better to do at a … read more

Russia will counter NATO’s U.S.-led missile defense program by deploying new weapons

 Russia will counter NATO’s U.S.-led missile defense program by deploying new strike weapons capable of piercing the shield, President Vladimir Putin said Tuesday. Russian President Vladimir Putin chairs a meeting with defense officials in the Bocharov Ruchei residence in the … read more

Russia sends missiles to Syria amid claim jets could be hijacked by ISIS

RUSSIA has sent missile systems to Syria to protect its military forces in the war-torn country as it continues to blitz the Islamic State. The head of Russia’s air force warned fighter jets could be hijacked in neighbouring countries and … read more

US Air Force C-17 cargo dropping WEAPONS to Syrian rebels

THE United States is dropping weapons and supplies to groups who may have been targeted by Russian bombers, it has emerged. US Air Force C-17 cargo aircraft flew into northern Syria yesterday to carry out the mission and all aircraft … read more

Pentagon Pushing Americans Toward Another Vietnam

Washington is about to revive ‘another Vietnam,’ US political analyst Phil Butler warns, commenting on President Obama’s recent decision to deploy American “boots on the ground” in Syria.  US President Obama’s recent decision to send a limited contingent of American troops to Syria … read more

Maj. Gen. Herzl Halevi warns Iran rapidly closing in on Israel’s technological advantage.

ISRAELI GENERAL DECLARES: “We’re already at war with Iran”

ISRAELI GENERAL DECLARES: “We’re already at war with Iran” Israel’s Military Intelligence chief warned last week that Israel and Iran are both battling for technological edge – and the Islamic Republic is quickly narrowing the gap between the two countries. Maj. … read more

USA drawing a line against Putin in Europe

NATO allies are working hard to deter Russian aggression against the Baltics. By Michael Crowley WIESBADEN, Germany — Often criticized for being naïve and complacent about Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ambitions, the Obama administration and its European allies are intensifying … read more