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AFP media have chosen Angela Merkel as the most influential figure of 2015

Refugee Crisis in German, Angela Merkel will leave her post before 2017.

There are assumptions that German Chancellor Angela Merkel will have to leave her post before the next elections in 2017 because the discontent over the current refugee crisis among German residents is growing, journalist Gideon Rachman wrote.

The migration crisis may put an end to the “golden era” of German Chancellor Angela Merkel, the journalist wrote.Now when the country is planning to take more than a million refugees by the end of 2015, Merkel’s unusually high ratings are starting to fall and the anxiety of the German public is growing. Merkel is even facing criticism from members of her own party, with some of them assuming that the German leader may have to leave her post before the next elections.

“Even if she sees out a full term, the notion of a fourth Merkel administration, widely discussed a few months ago, now seems improbable,” the journalist wrote in Financial Times.

According to Rachman, the situation with refugees has got out of hand. The German public no longer accepts the arguments in favor of the newcomers from the Middle East. On the contrary, people are starting to protest against the inflow of migrants.

“Some voters seem to have concluded that Mutti has gone mad — flinging open Germany’s borders to the wretched of the earth,” Rachman wrote.

If Germany would follow the example of Hungary and close the borders, it could quickly solve the problem.  However, it is unlikely that the Chancellor will undertake such measures as she is aware that this would be contrary to the EU principle of freedom of movement.Moreover, Merkel understands that the construction of the fence could redirect the refugee flow to the Balkans and destabilize the region.

According to the author, the refugee crisis marks a “turning point” in Merkel’s career, which may heavily affect its reputation and put Germany’s peaceful and prosperous life at risk.

“The decade after Ms Merkel first came to power in 2005 now looks like a blessed period for Germany, in which the country was able to enjoy peace, prosperity and international respect, while keeping the troubles of the world at a safe distance. That golden era is now over,” Rachman wrote.

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