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UN Security Council adopted a resolution to “redouble” action against IS

The UN Security Council has unanimously adopted a resolution to “redouble” action against Islamic State, following last week’s deadly attacks in Paris. The French-drafted document urges UN members to “take all necessary measures” in the fight against IS. IS said … read more

Suspected architect of Paris attacks is dead

The suspected ringleader of the Paris attacks was killed Wednesday in a massive pre-dawn raid by French police commandos, two senior European officials said. It came after investigators followed leads that the fugitive militant was holed up north of the … read more

New video shows what terrorists were doing just HOURS before Paris attacks

For most of us, what seven men perpetrated on Paris last Friday night is unfathomable. Try as we might, we can’t begin to get inside the  heads of these terrorists to understand what could possibly make them capable of such horrific acts. We … read more

Paris attackers left little trace : U.S. officials

Multiple U.S. officials tell CNN none of the individuals identified so far in the Paris attacks have been on any U.S. watch-lists, raising new questions about how effectively the U.S. and its allies are able to track foreign fighters traveling … read more

Mastermind of the Paris attacks has been named as Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud

The suspected mastermind of the Paris attacks has been named as Belgian Abdelhamid Abaaoud by French officials. It has been reported that Abaaoud had links to thwarted attacks on a Paris-bound high-speed train when two US soldiers overpowered a heavily-armed … read more

Our Enemy is ISIL , Not president Assad – Hollande of France

President Francois Holland said that the Islamic State is his country’s biggest enemy, not Syrian president Bashar Assad. “In Syria, we’re looking for the political solution to the problem, which is not Bashar Assad. Our enemy in Syria is ISIL,” French president Francois … read more

Paris Attacks planned in Syria

The body of a second suicide bomber involved in the Paris attacks has been identified, sources close to the investigation said Sunday, although it was unclear whether he was French or Belgian. Both sources said he was one of three … read more

First Paris Attacks gunmen identified, car used in attacks found

Police Arrest Members Of Paris Attacker’s Family   Police have arrested family members of one of the Paris attackers, a Frenchman born in the suburbs of the capital, French prosecutors say. Paris prosecutor’s office spokeswoman Agnes Thibault-Lecuivre declined to give further … read more

Before A Year ; Netanyahu warned of ‘grave mistake’ if France recognizes Palestine

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu warned Sunday(Nov 14. 2014) that France’s parliament would be making a “grave mistake” if it recognises a Palestinian state in a vote on December 2 2014. “Do they have nothing better to do at a … read more

Paris Attack Was Western-Backed (Video)

This is order out of chaos  Alex Jones | Infowars.com When you open your borders to people who are diametrically opposed to your basic principals, it is a recipe for disaster. http://www.infowars.com/breaking-paris-attack-was-western-backed/ read more