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Hong Kong Protests Reach Violent High as Students Clash With Police

 After two months of stalemate, the students attempt to block access to the government headquarters leading to intense clashes Hong Kong’s pro-democracy protests descended into the worst violence seen so far early Monday, as demonstrators ended more than two months … read more

Hopes of nuclear deal with Iran fade

Hopes of nuclear deal with Iran fade, as diplomats now seek extension The possibility of the U.S. and five other nations reaching a nuclear deal with Iran by this week’s deadline began to fade Sunday with reports that diplomats are … read more

China : copying Western democracy brings disaster

Blindly copying Western-style democracy can only bring disaster, an influential Chinese Communist Party journal wrote in its latest edition following more than a week of pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Citing enduring violence and turmoil in countries like Afghanistan, Egypt, … read more

Hong Kong arrested 19 people believed to have organized crime ties

Hong Kong arrested 19 people, some believed to have organized crime ties, during a night of running brawls stretching into Saturday as mobs tried to drive pro-democracy protesters from the streets where they’ve held a weeklong, largely peaceful demonstration. At … read more

China’s ruling party mouthpiece warned of “chaos”

China warned of “chaos” and expressed strong support for Hong Kong’s embattled leader in his face-off with pro-democracy protesters who have threatened to occupy government offices unless he steps down by the end of Thursday. The People’s Daily said in … read more

Hong Kong leader rejects protesters’ demands

Pro-democracy protesters demanded that Hong Kong’s top leader meet with them, threatening wider actions if he did not, after he said Tuesday that China would not budge in its decision to limit voting reforms in the Asian financial hub. Hong … read more