U.S. Military Launches Airstrikes on ISIS Chemical Weapons Operation

Reports are coming in that U.S. airstrikes hit a suspected ISIS chemical weapons operation.


Here are the details.


From CNN:


The U.S. military has conducted airstrikes against targets it believes are crucial to ISIS’ chemical weapons program based on information provided by a senior ISIS operative involved in chemical weapons, several U.S. officials told CNN.


The U.S. captured the operative in Iraq three weeks ago, the first since a team of Special Operations forces recently began operating in northern Iraq. One official called him “the key leader,” but others could not say if he runs the entire chemical weapons program for ISIS.

The information he provided to interrogators has given the U.S. enough information to begin striking ISIS areas in Iraq associated with the group’s chemical weapons program. One U.S. official said the goal is to locate, target and carry out strikes that will result in the destruction of ISIS’s entire chemical weapons enterprise — mainly mustard agent ISIS produces itself.

It was not immediately clear if the U.S. was able to strike all of the necessary targets. Intelligence and surveillance of the targets had indicated in some Iraqi locations that civilians were present at prospective sites, officials told CNN.

While the goal is to end ISIS’ capability to manufacture and use mustard agent, the actual targets being struck include people, facilities and vehicles. The agent itself is made in relatively small quantities and has a fairly short shelf life, the U.S. government believes.


via Weasel Zippers:

The fact that ISIS is producing chemical weapons is pretty darn scary, and I’m hoping these targeted attacks are hitting the right marks and taking out the threat.


ISIS is truly the biggest national security danger the world faces at the moment, and they’re spreading quickly because so many leaders around the world refuse to make the hard call.

Let’s hope we can continue to get this problem under control and take out these Jihadists means of creating chemical weapons

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