Migrant crisis: 24 drown off Samos island near Turkey – BBC

#Migrantcrisis: 24 drown off #Samos island near #Turkey

Map showing migrant arrivals 2015-2016Twenty-four migrants have drowned off the Greek island of Samos near Turkey after their boat capsized.

A search is continuing for 11 missing people and 10 others were rescued, the Greek coastguard says.

Children were among the victims, and it was the second migrant boat to sink in as many days. Seven people drowned off the island of Kos on Wednesday.

Two hundred people have drowned trying to get to Greece this month. The EU is anxious to stop the influx from Turkey.

The nationalities of the latest migrant victims are not yet known. Most of those who risk their lives crossing to Greek islands, packed aboard rickety boats, are refugees from the conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The EU’s Frontex border agency is helping the search for survivors off Samos.

Samos map

Migrants and refugees arriving on the Greek islands would immediately be sent back by ferry to Turkey, under a Dutch plan aimed at solving the crisis.

Under the proposal, Labour party leader Diederik Samsom says that in return the EU would offer to take in up to 250,000 refugees a year currently in Turkey.

More than 850,000 people arrived on the Greek islands from Turkey last year.

The plan would need to be in place by spring, before the next surge in numbers is expected, he says.

Already some 46,000 have reached Greece in January.

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