Willy-Nilly Partnership – USA VP Biden trip to Turkey with Hidden Agenda

Willy-Nilly Partnership: What’s the Hidden Aim of #USA #VP #Biden’s Trip to #Turkey? The stated purposes of the US Vice President’s trip to Turkey were the intensification of the joint fight against Daesh and US concern over the increasingly destructive military campaign against the Kurds and freedom of speech within the country; however, some Turkish media sources suggest a hidden agenda.

At the joint news conference on the results of his trip to Turkey, Joe Biden said the two allies will intensify their dialogue on how to best continue the joint fight against Daesh (also known as the Islamic State/ISIL/ISIS), as well as efforts to seal the final part of the Turkish-Syrian border.

The US Vice President also called for a “change of attitude” by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan toward critics of Turkey’s increasingly destructive military campaign against the Kurds and cities in southeast Turkey.However Turkish newspaper Zaman online suggested that there was something else behind the scene.

The real reason of Biden’s trips to Turkey, it says, is a necessity to take under control Turkish deteriorating relationship with Russia.

Obama, before leaving, has no intention of pushing the US towards military tensions with Russia in the Middle East. Thus he sent Biden to Turkey to prevent such a development and to “keep his eye on the ball”.

“A possibility that Ankara, being pressured by Russia at the Syrian front, will drag the US into the whirlpool of a new war makes many in Pentagon lose their sleep,” the outlet says.

Thus there are many working groups set to closely observe the Turkish-Russian dynamics.And the recent Biden’s visit, it suggests, points at the existence of discrepancies between the US and the Turkish regime and the forceful need of cooperation between the two, which some may call a “strategic partnership”. The outlet however refers to it as a “willy nilly cooperation”.

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