CIA Funds ANOTHER Civilian – Murdering Group in Libya

ISIS 2.0 : CIA Funds ANOTHER Civillian-Murdering Group

Ah yes, there’s nothing like tradition… especially that good old American government pastime of backing horrendous organisations which will time and again “accidentally” morph into their next reason for backing yet other more sinister organisations.

The CIA trained and armed the mujaheddin in the 1980s, ostentatiously to resist the Soviets during the Cold War.  However, a few short decades later, these “freedom fighters” would erupt from their nourishing cocoon of indoctrination and guns as fully-formed Taliban and al-Qaeda jihadists… becoming our next “enemy” and reason for entering Afghanistan and Iraq… which has also “accidentally” allowed al-Qaeda to take root in Iraq.

When calls for Qaddafi (by the American government) to step down grew to fever pitch, it was the nourishment of NATO arms and bombs that allowed terror to blossom in a formerly stable Libya. 

The terrorists nurtured in the Iraq and Libyan conflicts sure have grown up. Together with other “moderate” Islamic radicals (which the Pentagon has admittedly hoped would turn the region into a “Salafist principality in eastern Syria”), they’ve been supplied with made-in-US TOW missiles and other fancy tech, which has allowed them to shoot down a Russian rescue helicopter.

Their conquest of parts of Iraq and Syria (succeeding as the Pentagon had hoped) as ISIS, al-Qaeda  & Gang brings a tear to my eye.

Now we witness the latest incarnation of terror.

The American military has nurtured yet another brutal group, accused of “civilian killings, torture, questionable detentions, arbitrary arrests and use of excessive force in controversial night raids.”

 The Khost Protection Force consists of Afghans hired by the CIA, which had offered far better terms than the Afghan government could afford. They were also granted immunity from their actions:

“In Khost, the KPF is more influential than the Afghan army and police, and unaccountable to the provincial government, often acting outside normal chains of command. Locally, militias such as the KPF are called “campaign forces,” an informal name Afghans use for pro-government armed groups.”

The Washington Post interviewed “witnesses of six separate attacks by the militia in the past year, as well as court documents in the only known legal case filed against the unit, after one or more of its men shot dead a 14-year-old boy. Three former commanders of the unit, known as the KPF, tribal elders, lawmakers, lawyers, activists and local government officials with direct knowledge of the force and the CIA’s role were also interviewed.”

A man describes how the KPF murdered his father, then threw a grenade into his family home… killing  his mother.

Other accounts claim to have heard “English being spoken by armed men who had translators with them, suggesting American operatives were present during assaults where extreme force was used.”

The CIA directs the KPF, pays its salaries and provides the usual training/equipment nourishment necessary for that next generation of terrorists to grow.

While the US government’s spokesmen have lavished praise upon the KPF, saying that it was essential  in its fight against the Taliban, local Afghans are NOT happy that the KPF has killed their friends and family. Hundreds of Afghans have staged a protest in Khos… marching to Camp Chapman with bodies of two dead civilians in tow.

“Death to Americans,” they chanted. “Death to American slaves.” New recruits.


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