If I ran for president again , I would Win : Obama .

President Barack Obama said Sunday he believes he would win if he ran for president again and called his last year of the presidency “bittersweet.”

“Do you think if you ran again, could run again, and did run again, you would be elected?” asked Steve Kroft on “60 Minutes” Sunday night.

“Yes,” replied Obama.”You do?” said Kroft.”I do,” replied the president.

The questions followed on an exchange where Kroft asked Obama if he agreed with First Lady Michelle Obama, who said a few months ago at a fundraiser that she is very pleased he cannot run again.

“Do you feel the same way?” asked Kroft.

“But by the time I’m finished, I think it will be time for me to go, because there’s a reason why we considered George Washington one of our greatest presidents,” said Obama. “He set a precedent, saying that when you occupy this seat, it is an extraordinary privilege.”

“But the way our democracy is designed, no one person is indispensable,” he continued. “And ultimately you are a citizen. And once you finish with your service, you go back to being a citizen. And I, I think having a fresh set of legs in this seat, I think having a fresh perspective, new personnel and new ideas, and a new conversation with the American people about issues that may be different a year from now than they were when I started eight years ago, I think that’s all good for our democracy. I think it’s healthy.”

These questions concluded an interview that focused almost exclusively on Obama’s policy in Syria.


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