Palestine Intifada Begins : Attempted suicide bombing near Jerusalem

THIRD INTIFADA OFFICIALLY BEGINS: Attempted suicide bombing near Jerusalem as female terrorist blows up car .Arab woman detonates car bomb near Ma’ale Adumim, lightly wounding one police officer; bomb meant for Jerusalem.Israel Police reported early Sunday morning of an explosion heard on the main road to Ma’ale Adumim, a few miles east of Jerusalem.

Police officers from the Ma’ale Adumim precinct noticed a suspicious vehicle being driven by a female Arab driver and signaled for her to stop the car for an inspection about a half mile ahead of the al-Zaim checkpoint.

The driver, a 31-year-old resident of Jaffa, approached the police officers and shouted “Allahu Akbar,” seconds before detonating a bomb.

Contrary to earlier reports, the Israel Police has announced the terrorist is not dead, but seriously injured with burns over her entire body. She is currently receiving medical treatment at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem and is on a respirator.

Testing of the car revealed several other explosives which the terrorist apparently intended to detonate in an urban center in Jerusalem.

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